Advantages and Disadvantages of Volcanoes

Lesson Instructions:

1. Watch the short clip on the iceland volcanic eruption in 2010 as an introduction to Impacts of volcanoes.

2. Roleplay: You are part of a team of evaluators working for the United Nations Geological department. Your team is given the task to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages a volcano may bring. This information will help people understand more about volcanoes. Please focus on the social, economical and environmental impacts.
i. You are given 5 minutes to do your research individually on your laptops.
ii. You are then given another 15 minutes to contribute your findings to your group for consolidation. Use
only the group laptop for this activity.
iii. Each group is to research on an aspect of a particular volcano. (e.g. Advantage of Mt Fuji)
iv. Group leader is to upload your findings in your group wiki below

3. Discussion on findings.
Each group will be given 3 minutes to present on their findings.

4. Individually, proceed to the discussion forum and respond to a question posted based on what you have learnt today.